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Hi! I'm Ali. I am the creator of Intentional Goods and I am so grateful for you to take the time to come and see my store. I have always loved candles and rituals. My Taurus Moon is to thank for that. 

Having grown up in Bali, Indonesia, I was exposed to rituals and spirituality at such a young age and that is when my love for it grew. I witnessed the absolute magic of the people and the respect for this in their day to day. Lighting incense three times a day and praying is something I strive for. 

My intention for the candles is to promote rituals and create peace in your home. Each candle is handmade by me in small batches and infused with love and reiki energy for the highest good. 

Sending blessings and light to you all. 

Thank you. 

Ali xoxo